Easiest ways to earn money online

   I will try to share with you the websites, that helped me earn some money on the internet. I'm going to present them here, so it will be easier for you. Let's hope it will be helpfull, too.

PS: This is beside TE sites.


   Microworkers is the website where employers and workers meet. We are going to be workers in the beggining, but maybe employers later too. I say that because Microworkers offers you a 1.40$ sign up bonus, that can be use in opening a campaign(a job).
   As a worker, you have to follow this steps:
  • browse for the job
  • select those you like, and also can deal with
  • finish the task, and submit proof to the employer
  • if you did all right, you'll also get paid
   Jobs can value from 0.10$ to 1.50$ or even more. Minimum cashout is 9$+fees.
   Already earned over 30 $ .
   You can see my payment proof here :

Join Microworkers now!

2. Captcha work

Do you recognize these kind of image?
This is captcha. And all you have to do is write the characters from the images.
Paying 0.80$/1000 captchas entryes. If anyone is interested please contact me via Contact us form. The best time to work is during the night.
Start working now from your own PC.
Contact me for more details !

3. Hyip Website (HYIFund)

    Hyip sites (high-yield investment program) is a type of Ponzi scheme, an investment that promises a high return on your investment, paying previous investors with the deposits from the new investors. It is an unsure way of earning money, but if you take this risk, you could get a few bucks.
    Depending on the website, each hyip offers you a different plan. For example, 30% daily for next 4 days. That means that, in the next 4 days you will earn 30% from your deposit. Let's say you invest 5$, after those 4 days you will have 6$.
    I will only introduce you to the hyip I trust and that pays me every day: HYIFund . This hyip offers you 0.3%-3% daily , depending on each day's interest. They accept LR(liberty reserve) and HD-Money. They also add 2.5$ free to your account balance. You can withdraw anytime.
You can register an account here!
Payment proofs here:

4. Swebux GPT

   Get paid to complete offers. The offer's value is between 0.10$-0.20$ for free ones, and up to 12$ for paid ones.
   You'll get 1$ free when registering. Offers are checked fast, and you get credited after a few hours.
   Also get 0.10$ for every person you refer.
   Minimum payout is 5$.

5. myLot

    myLot is a paid to post website. It has lots of members already, and also lot's of payments sent.
    This is the place where you can have fun while posting in different discussions, but also get some life experience while reading other's problems in life. You can help and get some help in all kind of situations. And most important, while you do this you get paid too. You'll earn about 1 cent/ post , but there is no limit of posting. Just that your posts shouldn't be 3 words long . You are able to start discussions in any category. People all over the world will answer your post, and so you can solve any kind of issues.
    You can also earn money completing all kind of tasks (0.05$-4$/task). 
    The minimum payout for this website is 10$.


    You-cubez is an innovative and unique website. It is not really a PTC site, but something like that. Just that it has many more new things added, and most of them really interesting. This is so rich in new things that can't be explained in a short article. I won't get you guys bored, so I am just saying a few thing you can do on this website: buy or earn a cube, click standard or cash cubes, play games, complete offers and earn funds, get some referrals and in the end you can even sell your cube.
    Minimum payout 6
    This are some example of cube, but you can design your's as you want:
click here for the image
    Enough talking , join and see for yourself !
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